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State of ‘SWTOR’: March Edition

A little over three months have passed since BioWare’s great hope for MMO players everywhere finally went live on December more…

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‘Skyrim’ Update 1.5 Adds New Kill Cams and Animations

Bethesda has announced Skyrim update 1.5, which will add (amongst other things) new kill cams and animations. The update more…

‘Everquest II’s’ Skyshrine Update Sends Players to the Withered Lands

SOE is preparing to launch the latest content update for Everquest II, with Skyshrine making its way to live servers on April more…

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‘LoTRO’s’ Latest Major Content Update Now Live

Today heralds the launch of the latest major content update for The Lord of The Rings Online, with Turbine releasing Update more…

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Massive Battlefield 3 Patch Incoming – Full List of Planned Fixes

DICE has released a list of Battlefield 3 fixes that are due in an upcoming patch, and the list is a dozy. The list is more…

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New Screenshots Released for DDO’s Web of Chaos Update

Turbine’s foray into the Forgotten Realms is approaching, with the Web of Chaos update serving as a prequel to the launch of more…

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Update on Steam Hack: Encrypted Credit Card Details at Risk

Gabe Newell has issued an update on last year’s security breach of Steam, saying that encrypted credit card details were more…

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Prepare to be Wed: Trion Releases RIFT Wedding Trailer

A few weeks back we reported on Trion’s attempt to secure a world record for the Most In-Game Marriages in a 24-Hour Period more…

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Battlefield 3 PS3 Patch Deploys – Fixes Communication Issue

DICE today has released a long anticipated Battlefield 3 patch for the PS3 version to fix the VOIP communication problems more…

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World of Tanks Launches Content Salvo in Update 7.2

Wargaming.net today revealed the details on the upcoming patch for World of Tanks, offering players a glimpse into the future more…

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Skyrim PC Patch 1.4 Releases on Steam, Bug Fixes Detailed

It’s the moment fans of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim have been waiting for, or at least those fans that are playing on more…

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DDO’s Web of Chaos Update Coming Soon

Turbine is preparing to whet appetites for Dungeons & Dragons Online’s upcoming Menace of the Underdark expansion by more…

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EVE Online’s Crucible 1.1 Update Now Live

Today marks the release of the first update for EVE Online’s Crucible expansion. The 1.1 patch includes a long list of fixes more…

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Skyrim Update 1.4 is Coming – This is What Will Change (PC, Xbox 360 and PS3)

You should have acted, they’re already here.  Well, almost.  This is the list of changes Bethesda is bringing to The Elder more…

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SWTOR’s Game Update 1.1 Now Live

It may have materialized a day later than originally scheduled, but Star Wars: The Old Republic’s first content patch has now more…