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LoTRO’s Update 5.1 Going Live Today

While The Lord of the Rings Online’s latest update isn’t packed with content, Turbine’s new patch is full of tweaks and fixes more…

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SWTOR Rise of the Rakghouls Update 1.1 Delayed “A Few Days”

Bad news for SWTOR players as Bioware has announced  Star Wars: The Old Republic, Rise of the Rakghouls Update 1.1 will be more…

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PC Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition will be Updated Soon

The PC version of Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition will be getting a 2012 update at the end of February. The patch more…

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SWTOR: Rise of the Rakghouls Update 1.1 to Hit Servers Next Week

It’s been less than a month since the official launch of BioWare’s epic Star Wars: The Old Republic, and while the MMO has more…

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Gran Turismo 5 to Get Two DLC Packs and Update 2.03 Next Week – Screens and Details

Expect lots of new content for Gran Turismo 5 next week with two new DLC packs and update 2.03 announced by Sony today. The more…

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DCUO Introduces Research & Development System With Game Update 8

SOE is continuing the speedy pace of updates forthe  recently relaunched free-to-play DC Universe Online, with the latest more…

Serious Santa
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Watch Serious Sam Blow Up Your Christmas

It’s no secret that Serious Sam likes to blow shit up.  Well, Christmas time is no exception.  With the latest update to more…

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LoTRO’s Armies of Isengard Update Now Live

Today’s the day for the deployment of the latest patch for The Lord of The Rings Online, which introduces a bucket load of more…

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Rift Entices Players into Instant Adventures with Latest Update

Trion’s speedy pace of updates for Rift continues with the latest being the “Instant Adventure” initiative, a new feature more…

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New 3DS Firmware Update Available Now!

The new 3DS firmware update is now available!  To get it just log into the 3DS eShop and you’ll be prompted on how to start more…

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New Screenshots Released for LoTRO’s Update 5

Turbine’s latest update for The Lord of The Rings Online is due ‘some time’ in December, and while we may not yet have a more…

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Nintendo Delays 3DS Firmware Update

The 3DS firmware update, that was scheduled to be released by the end of November, has been officially delayed.  Nintendo’s more…

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Everquest II Previews Revamped City of Freeport in New Dev Diary

Game Update 62 is on its way for Everquest II, and SOE wants to make sure sure the masses know it’s coming. The latest dev more…

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World of Tanks Previews 7.0 Update with New Trailer

If you can’t get enough tank to tank combat, I have good news. Wargaming.net’s update 7.0 for World of Tanks is adding more more…

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Gears of War 3 Title Update 2 Drops – What it Fixed

Epic Games has delivered the second major title update for Gears of War 3 in as many months. While some gamers have more…