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Valve Announces SteamOS

While Steamos sounds like it could be the name of a cousin to the Chrono Trigger boss, Lavos, it’s actually the name of a new more…

First Games Of Steam’s Faster Greenlight Service Approved

According to Valve UI Designer Alden Kroll, the Steam Greenlight service will be attempting to approve games faster, more…

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Boot Straight into Steam on your Linux Box

With Steam for Linux hitting open beta soon, make sure you’ve got your gaming box all set up- you could be one of the first more…

Valve Begins Non-Game Software Distribution

Right around the beginning of August, Valve announced that Steam would begin selling non-game software at the start of more…

Valve In No Danger of Being Sold, Faliszek Says

Last week, a major South Korean newspaper, JoongAng, reported that the Seoul based developers Nexon – responsible for titles more…

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First Batch of Titles Get the Green Light from Steam Users

That was quick! Valve hasn’t been resting on their laurels with the continued success of Steam. As we mentioned yesterday, more…

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Steam’s Big Picture Mode Goes Into Beta

It’s been a big year for Steam. The Valve-owned digital distribution company released a mobile app, let loose Source more…

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Steam Adds Fee To Greenlight, Dejobaan Steps Up To Help Out Indie Devs

Last Friday, Valve launched Steam Greenlight, a community centered vetting program that would push indie games forward to be more…

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Steam Greenlight Launches

One of the most interesting developments in the gaming industry this summer has been that of Valve deciding to let consumer more…

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RipTen Review: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (PC)

A classic from the golden age of shooters, Counter Strike has endured as a PC staple while others in the genre have fallen by more…

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Steam Looking to Strengthen Community Through Game Hubs

Valve has announced a new feature for the Steam Community that should be dropping soon. Every game on Steam will get a “Game more…

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Valve To Sell Non-Game Software Through Steam

In a sudden, unexpected move, Valve has announced that Steam will now be a distribution platform for software beyond games. more…

GO Get Your Steam Pre-Order in for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

In the before-time, in the long, long ago, there was a game that captured unknowable numbers of hours of free (and not really more…

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QuakeCon 2012 – Valve and Bethesda Talk Modding, Iterative Design, and Steam Greenlight

Despite advances in living room gaming, there remains a valley between PC and consoles. When all of the Microsoft and Sony more…

Valve Amends Steam User Agreement to Block Class Action Lawsuits

The big news that rocked the gaming world in 2011 was the lengthy outage of the Playstation Network, which lasted for 24 days more…