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Super Mario Bros. 25th Anniversary Original Glitches (Video)

Super Mario Bros. is a ground breaking game that forever changed the video game landscape.  It’s also very well known for more…

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Watch World of Warcraft: Cataclysm’s Cinematic Introduction and NFL TV Spot

Check out this stirring Cinematic Introduction to the World of Warcraft expansion pack Cataclysm scheduled to be released on more…

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Obsidian Showcases Their New Onyx Engine with Dungeon Siege III (Video)

Obsidian is known for making RPG’s, good ones!  Yet, until recently they had been having to rely on other people’s tech to more…

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Vanquish Demo Speed Run is Insane

Can you beat the Vanquish Demo in 5 minutes?  Of course you can’t!  But this guy can . . . Oh those crazy Japanese more…

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X-Men Arcade Game Announced for Xbox Live and PSN with Trailer

Hope X-Men fans are ready for some old school 6 player beat-em-up action. At Comic-Con New York, Marvel has revealed Konami more…

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Fallout: New Vegas – Factions (Video)

Which Faction will you join? Listen to the Fallout: New Vegas developers as they discuss the various factions of New more…

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New Deadly Mortal Kombat Trailer Features ‘The Pit’ (Video)

MORTAL KOMBAT!! I still remember that early 90’s commercial. While I have not played a new Mortal Kombat in years I’d have more…

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Latest Fallout Developer Diary Talks About The Art Direction of New Vegas, Baby!!

In the latest developer diary released by BethSoft, the team at Obsidian talks about bringing back the look and feel of the, more…

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Capcom Japan Promotes Dead Rising 2 with a Hot Girl in a Bikini (Video)

Not surprising at all when you consider it’s Japan. This video from Capcom’s official Youtube Channel features japanese model more…

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Halo: Reach – Get 20,000 Credits In 10 Minutes (Video)

Free credit? Credit guaranteed. As the video says – get 20,000 credits in just 10 minutes! Wonder how long this lasts? I more…

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10 Minutes of New Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Gameplay Footage Narrated By Kojima & Friends

Think you’ve seen all Kojima-san had to offer at TGS 2010?  Think again … We’ve already learned all about Kojima’s more…

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Full Bioshock: Infinite 10 Minute Gameplay Trailer In HD, New Screenshots

Wow! Excitement for Bioshock is now at fever pitch. The new 10 minute gameplay video Xbox Live Gold members were treated to more…

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Fan-Made Half-Life Movie Teaser

Could this be what we might see in a Half-Life movie? One Valve fan has put together a teaser for a Half-Life based movie, more…

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Obsidian Talks New Vegas Backstory (Video)

Obsidian and BethSoft have released a new developer diary in which the fellas over at Obsidian talk all about what inspired more…

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Master Chief Easter Egg in Halo: Reach Campaign (Video Included)

Seems like the Master Chief does appear in Halo: Reach after all, thanks to a well placed Easter Egg. Bungie just couldn’t more…