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Miyamoto: Wiimote is a “continuous evolution”

Speaking about the Wii Remote recently, Miyamoto called it a “continuous evolution” and mentioned technological advancements more…

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The Conduit sells only 72K in first month

According to the June NPD numbers, Sega’s hyped Wii-exclusive FPS, The Conduit, only sold a less than stellar 72,000 copies more…

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Club Nintendo Of America Offers Platinum & Gold Member Rewards

While Americans have been clamoring for Club Nintendo’s prizes to come to our fair country for a while now, only now has more…

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Plants vs. Zombies likely coming to other platforms

In an interview with Kombo, PopCap Games’ PR director Garth Chouteau has noted that the highly acclaimed Plants vs. Zombies more…

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Trailer: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Smash Up

Check out this new trailer for Game Arts’ Super Smash Bros.-style fighter Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Smash Up featuring more…

Hey look! They learned how to use the "outer glow" effect!
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Guitar Hero 5 Box Art Is Pretty, Uh, Bad

Contrary to my usual anti-Activision diatribes, I’ve been pretty positive about Guitar Hero 5 ever since the setlist was more…

Annie, are you okay?
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New Michael Jackson Game in the Works?

According to the Google translation of a Belgian gaming website 9 Lives, the king of pop (should that be capitalized?) has a more…

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E3 09: Cave Story Wii Trailer

Why have I never played Cave Story? Why, internet community? I promise I will now. Cave Story will be released on WiiWare more…

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E309: Trailer for New Super Mario. Bros Wii

We were pleasantly surprised this year at E3 when Nintendo announce New Super Mario Bros for the Wii, but now we have the more…

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THQ Presents The Queen of England With A Golden Wii

That’s a real headline, folks. I haven’t even gotten to the joke yet. I love England. I mean, I was born there, and you’ve more…

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Metroid Prime Trilogy to Hit the Wii this Summer

That’s right Wii gamers! The three Metroid Prime games that were originally released for the GameCube, are now getting the more…

All I can think when I see this is Patapatapatapon, and I don't know why.
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Let’s Tap For The Wii Turns Finger Drumming Into A Game That Has Nothing To Do With Finger Drumming At first glance, the above trailer looks like nothing more than a game that requires you to tap on a more…

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LEGO Rock Band announced

LEGO Rock Band has been officially announced today, after plenty of internet rumours and speculation. The game will ship in more…

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First Footage of The Beatles: Rock Band from Paul McCartney at Coachella

As I’m sure you audiophiles know, the annual Coachella music festival is going on right now, with both world famous and more…

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New Trailer for Ghostbusters: The Video Game for the Wii Atari has already made it pretty clear that the PS3/Xbox 360 and Wii versions of Ghostbusters: more…