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Wii TV: Yet Another Wii Channel for Japan

While Americans await the chance to download DS demos and Nintendo commercials into their very own home via Everybody’s more…

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Analysts Play With Crystal Ball: Foresee Wii Owners ‘Graduating’ To PS3

But for once it isn’t Michael Patcher sifting through the tea leaves. This time market researchers iSuppli have predicted more…

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Freeloader Sends Wii Region Free

Datel have launched a version of their much-anticipated Freeloader software that will play Wii games from any region on your more…

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Miyamoto’s “Health Pack” Realized: The Evolution of Wii Fit

Takao Sawano, who works at Nintendo with Shigeru Miyamoto, gave a great lecture on how Wii Fit came to be– it turns out it more…

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Wii Fit Hand’s On: Getting Fit with Nintendo

When the North expo hall opened at 10 am today, I was the second person to hop on a balance board and get my feet on Wii Fit. more…

Final Fantasy Chronicles comming to WiiWare
WiiWare Games set for May Launch in the US

WiiWare, Nintendo’s answer to Microsoft’s Xbox Live Arcade and the Playstation Network, is due to start getting games on May more…

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EA Sports Announces NCAA Football 09 for the Nintendo Wii

College bands will toot their horns in your living room when you start up NCAA Football 09 for the Nintendo Wii this fall, more…

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Researchers Predict PS3 Will Overtake the Competition by 2011

As we just reported, Sony’s PlayStation 3 led hardware sales in the month of January. According to research firm iSuppli, more…

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January NPD: PS3 Outsells Xbox 360 and DS

According to the January NPD numbers, the PS3 outperformed expectations and did extremely well in sales, outselling the Xbox more…

Gordon Brown playing tennis
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British PM Ponders Game Crackdown Between Wii Tennis Matches

Wii Tennis didn’t leave Brown out of puff. When not planning an offensive on the UK games industry (allegedly), British more…

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Robbers Take A Wii, Claim It Wasn’t What They Were After (Yeah, Right)

It’s a cat burglar, get it? Two women were held at gunpoint in their home in Kansas City, MO, after robbers kicked their more…

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UK Government Backs Wii in Schools

I doubt Jamie Oliver had anything to do with this. For me, PE at School meant Dodgeball, Tennis, Football, and Rugby. Things more…

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Tecmo’s Fatal Frame 4 Published by Nintendo: “Wii-sclusive”

Tecmo announced last year that the next Fatal Frame would be coming to the Wii. No other console version was mentioned, even more…

Gaming Deals of the Week

Seems like we’ve all been hit with the MC Hammer plague (after all, he lost 33 million dollars) and being broke isn’t more…

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Wii: Resistance Fall of Mandy?

Wait, what? Resistance must have been big in Europe, since Nintendo are using the game to advertise Ghost Squad. And not in the more…