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Hands on from QuakeCon with Apogee and Interceptor’s Rise of the Triad Reboot

When speaking of old school, fast-paced PC shooters, Rise of the Triad is often overlooked, having the misfortune of a more…

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Wolfenstein 3D Free on the Web and iOS

Not all of our readers are old enough to remember the jaw dropping visuals of Wolfenstein 3D. I pity them. It is rare that more…

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DooM No Longer Banned In Germany After 17 Years

In 1994, id’s genre defining masterpiece DooM was deemed harmful to the German youth.  It was restricted to adult only more…

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Apogee Launches New Online Store – Come Get Some Classics

Yes, Apogee Software is still in business.  Apparently, when they aren’t making mediocre Duke Nukem DS games, they’re busy more…

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id Software vs. The Supreme Court – Are Video Games Free Speech?

If you are reading this,  then before you go any further, sign The Gamer Petition, an independent campaign started in order more…

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FPS Alphabet: From Aliens to Zombies

Join me as I take an in-depth look at an alphabetical list of  games, publishers, and developers, that have helped to make the more…