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APB For Consoles Still A Possibility

When APB was announced, it was announced as an MMO for the Xbox 360 and the PC. Later, they delayed and eventually dropped more…

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Mafia II in 3D a PC Exclusive

I’ve said many times that I’m not too crazy about the popularization of 3D in video games, but it’s always a nice option to more…

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Sucker Punch: “inFamous 2 Can’t Be Done on the 360”

Wow, it’s been a while since we’ve heard a developer say that, huh? In an interview with Play Magazine, Sucker Punch’s more…

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New Vanquish Gameplay Kicks Ass and Takes Names

I don’t think I saw too much of Vanquish until our E3 preview went up, but what I’ve seen of the game looks very, very more…

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4th of July Music Game Sale on Xbox Live

Been eying a track for your favorite music game, but thought the price was a little steep? Now’s your chance to get a big more…

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Halo 3 Offering 2X XP, Gears of War 2 8X XP for 4th of July Weekend

Not partying this weekend for the 4th of July? Maybe no plans? Not invited to the local pool party? Well, sorryboutcha, but more…

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Xbox 360 Slim Sells Like Hotcakes in Japan

With the launch still two weeks away in the United Kingdom and the rest of the world awash in fresh new Xbox 360 smell, Japan more…

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Jaffe Says Twisted Metal Multiplayer May Include Ranks and Unlockable Content

Today David Jaffe responded to overwhelming requests for Twisted Metal to have a leveling up system, say it’s a possibility more…

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How To Get Your Hands On The New Kane & Lynch 2 Demo

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days comes out this August for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC, but if you want to check out the game more…

kinect pre orders
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UK Retailer: Kinect Pre-Order Numbers “Very Low”

ShopTo, a popular UK online games retailer, has started taking pre-orders for Microsoft’s Kinect for Xbox 360. However the more…

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Guy Turns Starbucks Into Game Room With 360 and Portable TV

I’ll have one Grande, 360 pump Vanilla, Non-Fat Portable TV, Extra Hot, Latte with a side of stay the fuck outa’ my way while more…

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Specs Declare Kinect To Have A Webcam Resolution with Two Active Players

Yikes. Reception towards Kinect hasn’t been necessarily positive amongst the gaming community, and now that the full specs more…

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Hulu Plus Officially Coming to the PS3 and Xbox 360

Look, there have been rumors of Hulu officially coming to consoles since Hulu became popular, and until today, we’ve had no more…

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TrueAchievements Tracks Achievements for Real Gamers

If you’re a stats person like me, your GamerScore is pretty important. I’m always comparing myself against my friends and more…

mafia 2 playing
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New Mafia II Gameplay Shows Car Customisation and Damage Effects

A Slovakian gameplay video of Mafia II has surfaced, showing off the in-game car customisation options, some on-foot more…