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Bungie Hint At Halo 3 Expansion, Not New Game

After receiving the Edge Award for Interactive Innovation, Halo 3 creators Bungie have thanked the publication via a highly more…

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Even PS3 Owners Rate Xbox Live Best

In a recent opinion poll, 74.7% of the PlayStation 3 owners surveyed considered Xbox Live to be the online service with the more…

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New 360 Dashboard Update is Entirely Optional

Major Nelson let loose on his latest podcast that the upcoming Dashboard update for the Xbox 360 will be entirely optional.  more…

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New Xbox 360 Dashboard Screenshots

During Monday’s Microsoft Press Conference, the company announced what they are calling the ‘New Xbox Experience.’ One more…

I'm scared!
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Get Ready For the New Xbox Live Experience

Ripten’s own Andrew Podolsky reported on the upcoming “new Xbox Live Experience” in his Microsoft Press Conference coverage, more…

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Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Beta Night – Roommates Discuss

Got the (deep breath) Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Beta (phew) up and running on the 42 in LCD and roped my more…

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COD4 Update Now Available Through Xbox Live

Hopefully people will now actually die when you shoot them in the head. It’s been talked about for months, rumored for more…

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Earn Money in Fable 2 Before It Releases – No Prostitution Required

In an attempt to get you more excited about Fable 2’s release, Peter Molyneux and the studly geniuses at Lionhead are giving more…

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Rumor: Halo Wars Coming to PC with Cross-Platform Play – UPDATE – Denied!

According to the folks over at the Angry Pixel, their source at Microsoft informs them that the upcoming Halo RTS, Halo Wars, more…

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Master Chief Eats Soap – CoD4 Takes Top Spot on Xbox Live

Major Nelson posted the LIVE activity for the week of January 14th, and guess what took the top spot? Well, I guess I already more…

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Cheers! Undertow is Your Free Xbox Live Game

Undertow is officially Microsoft’s sacrificial lamb, offered up to all the players who suffered through the recent Xbox Live more…

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Microsoft Had My 360 Whacked (And Other Fun Stuff)

Anyone who’s been following the news (or rumors, as Microsoft would have you believe) knows that I have not been having much more…

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Major Nelson Muffled: Microsoft Can’t Legally Discuss Xbox Live Issues

What good is being the Xbox Live spokesperson, if you’re unable to speak? Xbox Live’s problems are old news by now. Since more…

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Impressions: The Club

Bizarre Creations’ perspective on the action genre made The Club an intriguing inclusion on the release schedules. They lack more…

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Xbox LIVE Server Problems Cause Achievements To Disappear

As if the recent Xbox Live issues hadn’t caused enough problems, it now appears that you can actually lose an unlocked more…