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Smartphone Gamers Going Major League

Love it or hate it, the smartphone is here to stay as a gaming device. Only a few years ago games on your phone were a more…

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OnLive’s App Updated with Xperia Play Support!

If you’re into that whole OnLive thing, your Xperia Play is now your best friend.  More games?  You betcha. Here’s the more…

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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is Now Available on the Xperia Play

Remember the greatest gaming phone available? Well now there’s another big game that’s launched for the system: Battlefield: more…

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RipTen Hardware Review: The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play (Verizon)

The Xperia Play has to be one of the most intriguing bits of hardware to hit the mobile market in a while.  It’s not the more…

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Minecraft Going Portable on the Xperia Play

As RipTen reported back in February, Minecraft was set to go portable, however it was first expected on the iPad and more…

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Playing With The Xperia Play – Way More Solid Than We Expected

No, the Xperia Play isn’t out in the US yet – and no, we don’t have one to review yet. However, we did get a chance to more…

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Check Out The Xperia Play (PlayStation Phone) Super Bowl Commercial

For us nerds, the Super Bowl really doesn’t mean much – except that we get to wait around and hopefully see some awesome more…

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PlayStation Meeting 2011 – No Mention of the PlayStation Phone

Before the PlayStation Meeting today, Sony was expected to possibly make two large announcements concerning the PlayStation more…

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The PlayStation Phone Finally Previewed and Tested – Dead Sexy or Dead on Arrival?

The Xperia play – a.k.a the PlayStation phone has finally reached the English speaking world!!  Tech sites are eating it up more…

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New Photos Emerge of Sony Ericsson’s PlayStation Phone

Rumors have gone back and forth of a PlayStation phone for a while now. Hell, we have even had blurry photos of a more…