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Mass Layoffs Hit Zynga and Bigpoint

Today marks another miserable moment in 2012’s trail of tears. This year has seen a terrifying and tragic number of studio more…

Electronic Arts and Maxis File Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Against Zynga Over The Ville

The name Zynga should be familiar to anyone who has played games on Facebook, and even if the name doesn’t ring a bell, their more…

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EA CEO John Riccitiello Talks Next Generation Timing and Impact of Investor Perception on Stock Price

In an interview from earlier this week, CNBC sat down with EA CEO John Riccitiello to discuss his company’s stock more…

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The Sims Invade Your Social Network with SimCity Social

SimCity impressed us quite a bit when EA showed it off at this year’s E3.  Though not set for release until 2013, our more…

Zynga w Black Border
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Zynga Acquires Another Startup

  If you don’t have the talent, buy it. It seems that Farmville creator Zynga is living by this mantra. Just last more…

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Draw Something to Becoming Draw Nothing

So, like so many fads, Draw Something took the world by storm. OMGPOP, the developer, was even purchased for over $200 more…

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While Mobile and Consoles “Fight,” the PC Market Thrives

You’ve done it before playing Deathmatch. You’ve come upon two enemies shooting it out while you hang back to pick off the more…

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Zynga CEO Wants to Make Zynga a “Forever” Brand Like Google

Zynga’s CEO Mark Pincus wants Zynga to be a “forever brand” like Google, one games company at a time. There was once upon a more…

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Zynga is Coming to Your Xbox 360, Boys and Girls!

In a recent interview with GIGAOM, Zynga founder and chief executive officer Mark Pincus spoke at lengths about the future more…

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Zynga Gobbles Up OMGPOP

OMGPOP’s Draw Something is the App Store’s latest phenomenon, rocketing to the top of both the paid and free apps charts more…

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Zynga: 54 Million Players a Day, Still Lost 400 Million Dollars Last Year

Zynga, best known for the Facebook game Farmville, has revealed that despite a huge playerbase, it lost a lot of money last more…

Zynga Being Sued for Patent Infringement, Will Probably Pay the Troll Toll

At this point in history, it is probably easier to make a list of systems in America that aren’t broken. Even then, there is more…

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Zynga Involved in App Store Idea Theft?

Zynga, the Facebook gaming giant, is known for their near carbon-copies of smaller indie developers games. They’ve been the more…

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Research Shows PC Game Sales Will Eclipse Console Game Sales by 2014

’tis a proud day for the glorious PC gaming master race. A few weeks ago I sat down with Nvidia up in LA for a lovely more…

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Hands on With Gunshine: Facebook’s Grindy Quest for More Money… and Guns

I’ve never understood the popularity of social (Facebook) games. Maybe it’s because all of the ones I’ve ever played more…